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About our Furniture

Where does your furniture come from?

  • We work with over 40 Amish and Mennonite woodworking shops to bring you the best selection of the highest quality furniture that we can. Most of these shops are based in Indiana and Ohio with a few more here in the midwest. All of our furniture is made in the USA. 

About our Furniture

What is the difference between the Oak, Maple, Cherry, and the other wood species?

  • The main difference is in the hardness of the wood and the grain pattern. Oak has a distinctive grain pattern and is a hard wood that will be very durable. Maple and Cherry are both not as quite as hard as Oak, but have smoother grain patterns with less variation compared to Oak. For more information about the different wood species, visit our Wood Species Explained page (coming soon). To see different stains on each of the wood types, visit our Preferred Color List.

What are your stain color options?

  • We have a wide selection of stain colors, from natural and a light honey to a dark deep brown as well as reddish tones, ebony stain, and some gray options. Additionally, because of the grain and the natural color of the wood, the same stain color can look different on different species of wood. When choosing a stain sample, be sure to see the stain on the correct wood species. To view these options, go to our Preferred Color List.

Why does my piece of furniture not look like the sample?

  • The grain patterns of wood can take the stain differently depending on a large grain pattern or a tight grain pattern. Additionally, most wood species have variations of mineral content that affect the color and look of the finished product.  This means that a small sample may not show all the variations of the larger piece.

Is everything solid hardwood?

  • Everything is solid hardwood. The only real exception would be with some pieces, such as bookcases, that may have hardwood plywood panels or shelves to help reduce cost. Whenever this is the case, it will be described as such. Similarly, some kitchen islands and similar pieces will have a top material that is different than the solid hardwood of the rest of the piece. If so, It'll be quite obvious and noted as such. 

What kind of finish is protecting my furniture?

  • All of our furniture uses a 2 part conversion varnish. This is a durable finish that is water and stain resistant. Due to the nature of this finish, it fully seals the wood, and it no longer requires any maintenance oiling that used to be common on hardwood furniture.

Finish Question

What about fabrics and upholstered furniture?

  • The majority of our dining room chairs can be upgraded to have an upholstered seat for a small upcharge. We primarly use heartland fabrics. Depending on the line of fabric chosen, there is often a price difference, with the standard line being the least expensive and the real leather being the highest cost.

Ordering Process

Ordering Process

How do I order?

  • At our showrooms you can either purchase out of our current stock or you can custom order your stain and wood species. The best way to place a custom order is to see our selection of wood species and stain colors in person. If there is a color you are trying to match, we recommend bringing in a chair or drawer to compare to our stain samples. We are also happy to take orders both over email or over phone.

How long will my order take?

  • Most builders are at about a 3-5 month lead time, with a few builders that are longer. Most of our outdoor furniture is ready in less than 2 months. These lead times are not as good as they were before the pandemic, but have improved a lot in the last 2 years.
    (Updated April 2023)

Do you deliver?

  • Yes, we delivery statewide. We offer free delivery within 30 miles of either of our store locations with a purchase of $400 or more. We have two delivery options: A full delivery will have our guys do a full set up for you. This is highly recommended for bedroom furniture and larger tables. A 1-man delivery is also available, and the delivery driver would need people to help unload the furniture off of our truck. This is more popular for deliveries that are 2+ hours away. 

  • If you are out of state, ask an associate about direct ship options.

Do you offer financing?

  • We do not. We ask for 25% down payment on orders with the balance due on delivery.

Furniture Care

Furniture Care

How do I clean my furniture?

  • Use a soft, damp cloth and wipe with the grain.

  • Do not use furniture polishes with wax or silicone in them. These polishes will build up on the finish and hinder the finish from working the way it is designed to. 

  • If a cleaner is needed, use a small amount of mild dish soap in water with the majority of water rung out of the rag. 

Do I need to do anything (like oiling) to maintain my furniture?

  • Because the furniture is sealed with the finish described above, no oiling or maintenance is required. If you were to oil furniture with this kind of finish, it would likely have an undesired result. The exceptions to this rule would be the unfinished butcher blocks and cutting boards.

What about the humidity of my house? Does that affect my furniture?

  • The ideal humidity of your house should be between 35% and 45%. If your home is too humid, it can cause the wood to expand. Too dry may cause the joints to split slightly. This is the nature of hardwood furniture. If you see this happening to your furniture, running a humidifier or dehumidifier will usually be enough to return the piece to how it should be.

If you couldn't find the answer that you were looking for, check out our other info pages, or contact us HERE

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